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CompanyWeek | October 4, 2015

"When Sneddon bought Wren Industries in 2008, he inherited some serious problems: The company had previously specialized in search-and-rescue equipment, and says Sneddon, 'The liability for that was outrageous.' More troublesome still, there wasn't enough volume to grow -- or even sustain -- a CNC manufacturing company.

Heralding from a 30-year career in aerospace engineering, Sneddon knew he needed a new business model. He already had the know-how to jump into aerospace manufacturing, but he didn't stop there. 'We diversified into different sectors that really complement each other,' he explains.

Under Sneddon's auspices, Wren augmented its aerospace business with industrial and firearms manufacturing, and that's been a winning portfolio. 

One of Wren's biggest aerospace customers is multi-billion-dollar Parker Hannifin. A testament to the company's breadth, Wren also made printer components for 3D Systems, and has done prototype and fixture work for Sturm, Ruger & Co."

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